[NEW] youtube-dl script

The script utilizes youtube-dl which is available on Ubuntu via WebUpd8.org’s ppa. It will either rip the audio from a specified youtube link or download the full video. Find the download and dependencies information on the downloads page. Enjoy :)

**Note** audio is downloaded in mp3 320 format. The file saves to wherever you ran the script. Idea = run it in your music directory for music and also make a copy of the script and add it to your videos folder  depending on what your grabbing.

New Stuff !!

Trusted users can ask to be added to MMTCHAT ZNC to help keep you active in the channel. Please see an operator if this is something you could use. Also a new picture board page has been added check it out. There is also a new trigger !allmusic which grabs info on a particular artist from the AllMusic website. We would also like to welcome Glitchd as a new site admin who had the idea for the new picture board option. Thanks Glitchd and welcome.


We need users willing to help spice up the page in any way they see fit. At the current time we need contributors and editors. Please apply with an admin if you think you could fill the position.

Site stats

Were currently using a free web server please excuse the slow speeds. I’m currently working on moving the site to a dedicated server and proper hostname.  The site is fully live and more features will be added in time. Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you as an mmtchat user. Please contacts an admin regarding registration.

The time is near

The site is nearly complete. If you are a member of MMTCHAT please contact an admin regarding registration to the site. Were looking to make this site one of a kind so any suggestions from users will be greatly appreciated. Some areas are incomplete and need user input so if your interested in an editors job please contact an admin. Thanks for stopping by and hey why not pop in the chan and hang out :)

Were Coming!

This site is slowly coming into development as of 05/30/2012 the site was created. Should be usable within the next few weeks. Until then bookmark us and check back often for changes