Channel Commands


Queries TVRage for TV show information

!tv  <showname>

!tvnext <showname>

!tvprev <showname>


Queries IMDB for movie information

!imdb <moviename>

Channel RSS Feed


This will show you all available commands available with the RSS bot. Some commands can be run in the chan  others can only be initiated via dcc


Not only can you catch fish, you can get snagged on objects, and catch other things. You won’t be able to cast while you are snagged, the Snag time vary’s based on the Snag Type and Pond Size. MadFish is done by having the most fish caught at the end of the game. You can type -madfish help in the channel to see other commands for this game.


This command will begin a fishing game in the channel. You will have 12min and 30 sec. to fish in a pond that is 25×25 and has a random amount of fishes everytime.


Pond Grid is:   25×25   : X can = 1-25, Y can = 1-25.


Country codes can be found here

Basic usage guide:

!images [] <search terms>
!groups [] <search terms>
!news [] <search terms>
!local [] <what> near <where>
!book [] <search terms>
!video [] <search terms>
!scholar [] <search terms>
!fight <word(s) one> vs <word(s) two>
!youtube []
!translate region@region <text>
!gamefaqs in
!blog [] <search terms>
!ebay []
!ebayfight vs
!wikipedia [.wiki-country-code] [subtag]
!wikimedia [[/wiki]] [subtag]
!locate <ip or hostmask>
!review <gamename> [@ <system>]
!worst <system>
!best <system>
!ign <search terms>
!trends [] <YYYY-MM-DD>


!allmusic <artist>